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Phalene litter - planned in 2025


  • Azarin puppies are available to approved and selected homes only.

  • Every potential buyer should introduce him/herself  

  • (name, surname, land of standing, city) 
    write about:
    - lifstyle
    - home
    - closest family (children? what age?)
    - animals at home
    and answer for few questions:
    - why did you choose this breed?
    - do you have any experience with dogs? sighthounds? toy breeds?
    - If you work (how many hours per day?) how will the puppy spend its days?
    - How many hours on the average will the dog spend alone per day?
    - Do you want a female or male? why?
    - What are your plans for the dog - dog shows? sports? lure coursings? only a family member?


  • Puppies are evaluated at 7-12 weeks for temperament and structure; this helps us place the right puppy in the right home. This means that we can't promise that any particular puppy will be available until the evaluation is done. 
    Doing so means that you will get the right puppy, with the right temperament and activity level for you and your family.  However, a dog is a living being, so we will never know in 100% how particular puppy will develop, both in stucture and character. We can only try to predict, as every breeder should. I don't tolerate reservation for younger pups than 6 weeks.


  • Puppies are home-raised and are exposed to other dogs, new people and children, free  running in the garden, also to a variety of sights, sounds, textures.
    This means that they will start their lives well handled and socialized. However, the whole process of socialization is not ending in breeder's home! the most important time will be in new home. The new owner will get all the necessary instructions.


  • All puppies have first lessons of obedience, show training, grooming from very beginning.

  • The new owner will get all the necessary instructions about continuation.

  • All puppies:
    -  are registered in ZKWP (Polish Kennel Club, member of FCI)
    -  will  get an export pedigree 
    -  are microchipped
    -  receive their first set of immunizations
    -  are dewormed a minimum of three times
    -  are vet checked
    -  come with a puppy pack, including a bag of premium puppy food, blanket  etc


  • We prepare a special contract about selling puppy.

  • We encourage to keeping in touch, via FaceBook, emails, telephone etc

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