Multi Ch Int Ch Azarin Buttermilk Muffin

Azarin Buttermilk Muffin

International Champion, Champion of Finland, Poland, Romania, Latvia, Polish Junior Champion, Romanian Grand Champion

- Ex.1/7, Best Junior Dog - Fredericia, Denmark 2010
- PL Junior Winner
- Ex.2/ 8, R-Jg.-VDH R-Jg.-CAC - Donauenschingen, Germany 2010
- BOB, BOG IV - Bydgoszcz - 13 Feb 2011
- CAC, CACIB in Satu Mare 2011
- CAC, CACIB in Satu Mare 2011
- CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG3 in Warsaw 2011 (judge: Robert Paust, USA)
- Ex.1/ 6, SA,SERT in Helsinki, Finland 2011 (judge: Espen Engh, Norway)
- CAC,CACIB in Bialystok, Poland 2011
- CAC, BOB, BOG3 in Chorzow, Poland 2011
- TOP 3 Whippet in Poland 2011
- CAC &CACIB & BOS Riga 2012
- CAC, BOS in Chorzow 2012 (judge: Rudi Peters Brandt)
- CAC & CACIB & BOB & BOG3 Lodz 2013
- resBEST IN SHOW Stud Dog at Sighthound Polish Club Show 2012
- CAC at Polish Sighthound Club Show 2013

Azarin Cayo Coco

Azarin Cayo Coco

Lithuanian Ch, Polish Ch, PL Winner '14, PL Club JW '14, Polish Junior Champion

Multi BOB Junior & Junior Winner
PL Winner 2014, Qalification for CRUFTS 2015
PL Youth Club Winner 2014
BOS & BIS Junior 3 - CACIB Sopot '14
BIS Junior 3 - CACIB Lodz '14
BOG 3 - CAC Manowo '14
BIS Junior 3 - CAC Manowo '14
BOG 2 - CAC Grudziadz '14
BIS Junior 2 - CAC Legionowo '14
BIS Puppy 3 - CAC Wloclawek '14
BIS Baby 3 - CACIB Poznan '13
BIS Baby - CAC Bydgoszcz'13
Ch.Airy Elf's Diva at Azarin

Airy Elf's Diva at Azarin

Champion of Poland, Polish Junior Champion

Junior World Club Winner Salzburg '12
BIS2 Puppy - National All Breed Show in Legionowo
BOB & BOG2 Winner Lublin '12
BOB & BOG2 & BIS Junior Plock '12
Polish Sighthound Club Show '12 - Excellent 1/9, CAC (judge: M.C.Delabelle)
BOB & BOG Legionowo'13
CACIB & BOB & BOG3 Katowice'14
CACIB, Best Female, Cruft's Qualification Warsaw 15

Azarin Dundun with Westmount

Azarin Dundun with Westmount http://icons.iconarchive.com/icons/custom-icon-design/flag-3/48/United-Kingdom-flag-icon.png

, Export to United Kingdom, owned by Maureen Blanks, Westmount kennel

Open show,
30 whippets judged by Paul Conway (Spawood)
Junior class - 1st/7, res.BEST OF BREED!

East Anglian Whippet Club championship show - 262 whippets
Judge: Mrs J A Norman (Jarmane)
Junior class - 3th/ 10

JW Azarin Corsica at Zoraden

Azarin Corsica at Zoraden http://icons.iconarchive.com/icons/custom-icon-design/flag-3/48/United-Kingdom-flag-icon.png

, export to United Kingdom, owned by Alayna Allen, kennel Zoraden

Junior Warrant

Isle of Ely Open Show
Reserve Best of Breed, Best Puppy in Breed and Puppy Group 1
Judge Howard Ogden.

South Yorkshire Whippet Club Open Show
Best Puppy in Show
Judge Lorna Grisoli

EELKAS Open Show
Best Puppy in Breed
Judge Patsy Bird

Dunstable DCS Open Show
Best of Breed, Best Puppy in Breed and Puppy Group 1.
Breed Judge Becky Candler Smith

WELKS Championship Show
1st place Puppy Bitch
Judge Jenny Dove

SKC Championship Show
Best Puppy In breed
Judge Elaine Newsham

Hound Club of East Anglia Open Show
Best Puppy in Breed and Reserve Best Puppy in Show
Breed Judge Carole Kennett
Best in Show Judge Viv Phillips

Border Union Championship Show
1st place Puppy Bitch
Judge Kevan Ellis

East Midlands Open Show
Judge Sue Richardson
Best of Breed
Hound Group 2 Judge Mary Parker

North Eastern Whippet Society Championship Show
Judge Viv Coulter
1st Junior Bitch and 1st Graduate Bitch

Whippet Club of Wales Championship Show
Judge Leigh Morris
1st Junior Bitch and 1st Graduate Bitch

Azarin Caviana

Azarin Caviana http://icons.iconarchive.com/icons/custom-icon-design/flag-2/48/Germany-Flag-icon.png

, export to Germany, owned by Florian Busalt
- German Junior Champion (WCD)

- German Junior Champion (VDH)

- DWZRV Landesjugendsiegerin
Baden-Württemberg 2014
- Saarland Jugendsiegerin 2014
- VDH-Saar Jugendsiegerin Saarbrücken 2014

- CACIB Karlsruhe, Germany
V1/4, VDH, CAC, CACIB, Best Female, Best of Breed
over 44 whippets judged by
M.Bolton-Lockhart, kennel Pencloe (UK)

- National Dog Show in Sachsenheim,
53 whippets judged by Iren Rohrer (CH)
Excellent 1/ 7, VDH, Res.CAC


- National Dog Show in Saarbrücken
25 whippets
Exc.1, VDH, CAC, BOB

- International Dog Show in Saarbrücken
Exc.1/5, VDH, Res. CAC, Res. CACIB

- German Winner Show, Leipzig 2015
Excellent 2 /10, res.VDH
Judge: Linda, Jones, United Kingdom

Azarin Caillou

Azarin Caillou

, owned by Agnieszka Kowenzowska, Biesy i Czady kennel
Polish Champion, Polish Junior Champion

- CACIB Kielce'13 - VP1, BOB Baby
- CACIB Rzeszów'14 - VP1, BOB Puppy, BIS Puppy!
- Czestochowa '14 Junior Winner, BOB Junior
- CACIB Krakow'14 - V1, Junior Winner, BOB Junior

- CAC Przemysl - V1, Junior Winner, BOB Junior , BOB, BOG3, BIS 2 Junior
- FCI Central European Sighthound Junior Winner '14, BOS, BIS3 Junior
(35 whippets entries)

Azarin Calvert

Azarin Calvert

, owned by Magdalena Berecka & Jarek Berecki
Polish Junior Champion

Dog shows:
- BOB & BIS4 Baby Legionowo '13
- VP1, BOS Puppy CACIB Rzeszow '14
- Junior Winner

Dog sports:
Unleashed Flyball Team
- European Flyball Champions!
First team in history of european flyball which broke the barrier of 16 sec. setting the new european record at 15,96 sec.!

Azarin Blueberry Night

Azarin Blueberry Night http://icons.iconarchive.com/icons/custom-icon-design/flag/48/Norway-Flag-icon.png

, export to Norway, owned by Trine Kildahl, Emprezy kennel

- CACIB Winner
- CAC Winner
- BOB Winner
- BOG Winner
- BOG3 Winner

Azarin Curacao

Azarin Curaçao http://icons.iconarchive.com/icons/custom-icon-design/all-country-flag/48/Sweden-Flag-icon.png

, Export to Sweden, owned by Catharina Englund, kennel Mazrae Gangall

Open Show Vara-Grästop BHK (Sweden)
Excellent 1, Best of Breed, Best of Group 1

Mazrae Gangall Austin Texas

Mazrae Gangall Austin Texas

, import from Sweden
Polish Champion, PL Club Winner'14, Polish Junior Champion

- BIS Baby Krakow '11
-BIS Baby Sighthound Club
Show Warsaw '11
- BIS3 Puppy Bialystok '11
- BIS Puppy
Sighthound Festival Olsztyn '11
- BOB & BOG2 Legionowo'11
- BIS3 Junior Legionowo'11
- BIS3 Junior Bydgoszcz '12
- Polish Junior Champion
- BOB Czestochowa '12

- CACIB, BOB, BOG4 Warsaw '12
- CACIB, BOB, BOG3 Bialystok '12
- BOB, BOG, BIS-2 Hunting-dog Show Lodz'12
- CACIB, BOB, BOG 2 Warsaw '14
- CAC, BOB, Club Winner Polish Sighthound Club Show'14
- CAC, CACIB, Best Dog, BOB
BEST OF GROUP Krakow '15
Judge: Valerie Hamilton, USA, Khiva Salukis

Dollbabies Azuro Art of Azarin

Dollbabies Azuro Art Of Azarin

Male, born 01.12.2012, Import from Latvia

Danish Champion
Lithuanian Champion
Polish Champion
PL Junior Champion
PL Junior Winner 2013
CACIB & BOB Winner