About us...

My adventure with dogs started when I was an 8 years old girl.
My parents bought a Polish Hound female - Sprawka Goniwiatr.
She was our beloved protector and family member.
Thanks to wonderful owner of her famous father, Multi Ch Int Ch Dusiołek Z Gończaków,
my parents took part in some dog shows and breed promotions.
I was fascinated by the whole cynology world, always took my plush 'dog' and tried to show him :) . Finally  I had a chance to show a real puppy, at the Polish Hound Parady in Warsaw. It was the best moment in my life, I was over the moon, wearing a special dress , looked like little noblewoman.
We have shown dogs in the rhythm of the elegant Polonaise.

Our family and first Polish Hound My father Artur and Sprawka Goniwiatr My family at the dog show

Few years later, Sprawka met a handsome male, Szerszeń Z Gończaków and later became a mother. She gave birth our one and only Sobótka. It was a very happy time! first experience with puppy world.
Parents realized that their daughter have first dreams, passions. They were looking for medium size, short haired, nice family dog. We saw many breeds, but in the end we fell in love with whippets. Wonderful, always happy, gentle and aristocratic dogs.

Me and my first whippet / Legionowo 2003 Me and my very first whippet Nelly


After few months I was a happy owner of my very first whippet girl 'Nelly'.
Then everything started. Dog Shows, Junior Handling, big passion, love, ups and downs.
I have  nice memories about Junior Handling . Thanks to this competition, I had a chance to gain experience with other breeds. The most wonderful moment in JH was at the International Dog Show in Poznan 2005. I won younger group under the respected judge Mrs. Elke Pepper from Germany. I was also qualificated two times to the best 10 Junior Handlers in Poland.

My very first whippet litter was born in 2006. From ‘Nelly’ Meradith Nie Tylko Ladna (out of Ch Cobyco Call The Shots and Ch Meradith Badz Njlepsza) and ‘Blues’ Boxing Helena’s Bokamaro (out of Ch Nut Crisp of Nevedith and Ch Nevedith Supa Sassy), both nice dogs with English pedigree, gave me the opportunity to bred nice litter of seven puppies.
I kept one, white and red female, very smart and feminine with perfect size of 48cm – Marion Herbu Wasal.  Marion was doing very well at the dog shows, winning not only BOB, BIS Puppy, BIS Junior but also BOG placements. Soon she became Polish Champion,
but she wasn’t only great showdog, she proved that she combines beauty and performance. In great style she got lure coursing license. Soon we realize that real Coursing star was Marion’s litterbrother, MONTY Herbu Wasal (owned by Monika and Krzysztof Kepa).
Monty ran amazingly for his licence in 2008 and was the only dog who ran all distance.  Here, in Poland we have only few official LC during the whole year.
Monty always gets high placement in the competition including few 1st places, Grand Prix and winning whole LC Competition.  In 2011 he was Polish Top Coursing Whippet and finished his Polish Lure Coursing Champion title.

In 2009 I decided to bred Marion .
My plan was to add Scandinavian and American blood lines to Marion’s classic English pedigree. I chose very special male, currently known worldwide Int Ch, Can, Est, Swed Ch, Pl JCh Tylko Ty Viking's Pride. It was one of the best decisions in my life because this combination gave me some wonderful results.
In July 2009 my long-awaited ‘B’ litter arrived.  Again we had 7 puppies.
Black brindle and white female, Azarin Blueberry Night was exported to kennel Emprezy owned by Trine Kildahl in Norway. ‘Cookie’ is doing really well on the show rings, she has won already CAC, BOS, BOG and needs only one CAC to became Norwegian Champion! Her brindle sister,Azarin Blackberry Pie is BOB, BOG3, CAC Winner.
This time I decided to keep red fawn and white, very promising puppy male. Now I know that it was the best decision in my life! :-)

Multi Ch INT Ch  Azarin Buttermilk Muffin is certainly the Top Winning Dog in my kennel.
I consider myself lucky person, because in second litter in my life I received such a lovely boy.
Muffin is very eyecatching elegant dog. He has long lines, excellent head and expression.
He also moves very well with great action of front and back.
The combination of english, scandinavian and american lines gave me the desired effect. 
I always would like to have well built,strong boned whippet, but also very elegant and smooth.
Muffin on  the very beginning of his career in junior class was taken to Denmark. At Sighthound Special Show in Fredericia he won his strong class and was Best Junior Dog.
Few months later in another special show, this time in Germany, Donauenschingen he was excellent 2,  R-Jg.-VDH R-Jg.-CAC.
In adult class he has a lot of titles like BOB, CACIB, CAC, BOG placements.
I was very proud when he won Best of Breed and Best of Group 3 at International Dog Show in Warsaw. There were lots of whippets, judged by Mr. Robert Paust from USA/Sweden.
Then came the time to Polisch Champion, Latvian, Finnish, Romanian Champion, Romanian Grand Champion, Polish Junior Champion titles.
The most important time in his three-year career was at the Eukanuba International Summer Dog Show in Helsinki, Finland.
Under the respected judge Mr. Espen Engh (Jet's Greyhounds) he won strong class, got CAC and became the first polish whippet with Finnish Champion title!
Muffin became also International Champion in very short time.
At the age of 5 years, 'Muffin' is a father of 51 beautiful whippets.
His progeny live in United Kingdom, USA, Sweden, Finland, Norway,Poland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Israel, Czech Republic, Italy.
He gives  wonderful qualities and character to his offspring.
Azarin Buttermilk Muffin is my wonderful friend and companion dog with a perfect character to live.

In the end of 2011 I imported a wonderful brindle female from Latvia - Airy Elf's Diva at Azarin 
Her pedigree with english and scandinavian lines, excellent size and type with my favorite combination 'well built, strong boned but also very elegant and smooth' is a perfect for my breeding plan.
I believe that this girl will be continue my work and help with my ideas.  Diva is a Polish Junior Champion, Polish Champion, got very prestigious title World Club Show Youth Winner'12 in Austria. She  has also titles like BIS Junior, BIS Puppy 2, BOB, BOG....

In the beginning of July 2013, my long awaited litter 'C' came to the world!  the proud parents became Diva and Muffin. I received the results of which I dreamed and planned for a long time. Beautiful litter of 8 puppies - 3 boys and 5 girls.  Azarin Corsica was exported to United Kingdom, kennel Zoraden. Azarin Caviana lives in Germany, boy Curacao was exported to Sweden , kennel Mazrae Gangall. All pups from this litter are nice, boys have both testicles. I hope future will  bring  all the best to them. At the momment Caviana is DE Junior Champion (VDH, WCD), Calvert is Polish Junior Champion, Caillou is PL J Ch as well and won BOS and BIS 3 Junior at prestigous FCI Central European Sighthound Show'14 (35 whippets). She is FCI Central European Sighthound Junior Winner '14, also BOB, BOG places winner.
Corsica got very prestigous and hard to achieve title- Junior Warrant, in UK.
I am very proud of their results

I decided to keep one girl from this litter. Azarin Cayo Coco, which lives with her co-owner Angelika Lewandowska. Cayo is my dreamy girl and a new addition to my plan and team. Her wonderful personality, big temperament make her not only a flashy, show whippet. We believe she will  be great also as a sport dog. Her show career began at National Hunting Dog Show in Bydgoszcz, where she was the youngest baby at the show! Cayo won BEST IN SHOW Baby. Few weeks later, at the most prestigious show in Poland - Poznan Winner 2013 (CACIB), Cayo won BOB Baby and in great style became BEST IN SHOW BABY 3, among dozens of dogs. It was a great beginning :-)
Then came the time for titles like BIS Junior & Puppy places, BOB, BOG places and new title Polish Junior Champion, Club Junior Winner 2014 and...POLISH WINNER 2014 with Cruft's Qualification. Cayo and her father Muffin took part in Cruft's 2015.

Breeding whippets....
For me, breeding is to improve the breed.
Every breeder should be able to objectively judge  their own dogs ,be open to new ideas, keep a favorite type of whippet and be consistent in his work.
My priority is not only  'well built,strong boned whippet, but also very elegant and smooth.'
I can write also about - gentle, sustainable character, beautiful heads with nice underjaw and ears, smooth and long enough toplines without humps or too much sloping back, nice angulation of front and back., long neck .
Nowadays in our beloved breed we have a problem with size, for sure. Standart is important. But I observe  that many people see, or want to see, only this one part of standart. What about others?
Straight and narrow front, straight shoulder, poor angulation, short and sloping topline, hump, ... etc.
My personal feeling  - if the whippet is nice, very close to standart...1-3cm are not so important. But I know that the hight is  the easiest to see :-)
I wish more people could see other parts, which are very  problematic in this breed.
Whippet colour - it is certainly not my priority. We should breed for health, temperament and  exterior. These qualities are extremly hard to achive and  absolutely more important than colour.

I have at home two lovely salukis from kennel Mazrae Gangall ( Sweden), 
thanks to their wonderful breeder Catharina Englund. 
I will always be grateful  for her trust, support.
Mazrae Gangall Bunnahabhain  is a Champion of Poland, Hungaria BOB & BIS Junior Winner, Poland Winner 2008, Multi BOB Winner, Multi BOG Winner, Ex.2 /19, resCAC at World Dog Show Bratislava 2009 under Espen Engh.
'Alisa' ended her show career in 2009 at the age of 2 years old because of the broken leg and health complications.
Unfortunately these things couldn't allow me to develop the breed in Poland .

Now I have also Bunnahabhain's half brother - Mazrae Gangal Austin Texas.
Handsome and eyacatching  black grizzle boy out of Qirmizi Hamimah and sired by Ch Dahaqin Adabi Atil.
Austin Texas is a Polish Champion, Polish Junior Champion and has a lot of titles like BIS Baby, BIS Puppy,BIS Junior,  BOB, BOG placements, BOB, BOG, CACIB, res BEST IN SHOW.
He sired a litter of 11 puppies at kennel 'Karsziptar FCI' and a litter of 7 puppies at kennel 'Ana Ayiz Aruh Delenimentum' (SK).

I am a fan of  Papillons from many years, but my heart melted when I saw  a very special Phalene boy, for the first time. The one and only, the most winning Phalene of all times, Mr Gently. 
He was flying on the ring during Best In Show  at International Summer Dog Show in Riga.
I was incredibly impressed, told to my friend that he just must win BIS...and he won! :-) .
When I came back home, my fascinating about Phalenes was bigger and bigger. 
I started to ask breeders, read about the breed, watched lots of pictures from many countries.
I realized that  Phalene is completely not a popular breed, in the whole world.
It's much easier to dream about Papillon.
Not  every breeder wanted to help, told about them.
Then, I found on FB  owner of woderful Mr.Gently.
Dear Ilze Fraimane, trusted me, helped me and opened for me Phalene World.
I love our conversations about the breed and can't be more grateful.   
I am a happy owner of Dollbabies Azuro Art Of Azarin.
This boy is very special.  Eyecatching, bright face. White body,  head in my favorite type, great angulation of front and rear, free and powerful movement with great action of front and back legs. He has also great, long coat for his age.
Azuro is always happy, very smart and brave.
For me, it's a pleasure to live with such a dog.
At  the most prestigious Dog Show in Poznan CACIB  2013, he got titles POLISH JUNIOR WINNER 2013, BOB Junior and Cruft's Qualification!. Azuro is PL JChampion, PL Champion and on his way to get International Champion title.